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What's it all about?

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I bought a copy of The Urantia Book about 2 years ago and flicked through it. I found it difficult to understand –I guess because I only "flicked" through it. So, I put it into the "too hard" basket...

I have now started to read the book, quietly, deeply, and slowly, and although I still think it is not the easiest book to comprehend, I am beginning to discover some really meaningful truths in its text.

Now, a part of each day is devoted to reading and absorbing the profound message of this book. Each day, for reasons I can't understand, I have a feeling growing within me that says, "Maybe I am finally coming to the end of my long search for spiritual understanding."

Whilst I have always asked myself, "What's it all about?" Like most of us I have never found the answer. Somehow, I feel that The Urantia Book is quietly and profoundly about to give me the answers.