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The Urantia Book - the Book of Truth

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The Urantia Book - the book of truth - enhanced my mind and added knowledge to what I knew. It gave accountable history to the Bible and Biblical characters.

It caused me to accept my faith and not question so much and I began to see miracles in my life. I understand better why I do so many of the things I do .

It became easier to teach the children I keep.

I understand the government and outer space and science - not so much that I can teach it, but the book just put it in order.

I came to understand: "thy kingdom come, thy will be done" and not be fearful for the generation in which we live. It may not be something I could teach, but it does cause me to be able to walk my journey with Jesus Christ a lot easier.

I passed on many Urantia Book quotes to my grandchildren and children; to me, that had a personal meaning beyond belief.

My grandchildren have told me it gave them the wisdom of right and wrong and why.

Now, I feel at ease when I think about my time to go home. Being able to listen to the quotes and see the pictures, etc, has been a little of this side of heaven for me.

In Jesus Name amen.

Margie Leone aka Ms. Margie