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These Beings Are Real

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Doug Huntzinger, a self-employed ship model builder from California.

My question during the early 1990's was, "What is a human being?" I couldnft help but wonder, gWhy are all these people on this planet? What is their purpose? God only knows!h I searched in a lot of places for the answer, trying everything from different religions to extraterrestrial literature. No real or satisfying answer was forthcoming.

Then in 1993 my mother handed me a big blue book that had been sitting on her shelf since 1955, mostly unread. I must have passed by that book thousands of times. It was The Urantia Book.

The Urantia Book revealed to me just what a human being is and what original cause we flow from. It also revealed the realm of spiritual beings. Entities such as the Spirit of Truth and angels that are right here and can be contacted. I very much desired to have contact with the spirit realm. What to do?

I finished my first reading of the book during the summer of 1995, and I asked a fellow UB reader how to contact the Holy Spirit. He suggested I try a Pentecostal church as he had done some years before.

I had been watching certain TV ministers for several months and saw many people filled with the Spirit of Truth or the Holy Ghost, as it is often called. I had never seen people so happy. I had to be touched by Spirit as well.

I attended a United Pentecostal church for two weeks and then went on a Men's Retreat high up in the mountains near Los Angeles. It was during the first night's service that I was actually "Baptized by the Holy Spirit." As I stood in the middle of the camp dinning hall the Spirit entered me head first, at the swirl of hair on top. Upon entering it energized inside of me for about 30 minutes. It felt like a thousand volts of spiritual electricity that are filled with pure love. My first thought was that this was like science and that God must be a great scientist. A white mist formed around me and I was covered by golden spirit fire. As I looked up, the ceiling disappeared. I could see thousands of stars and galaxies in full color and everything was in silent and slow motion. It was awesome. I was happy and smiling.

It was the first five seconds of this event that validated The Urantia Book for me because I had experienced the reality of the Beings it was teaching me about. Being indwelled by Jesusf Spirit of Truth was like being held in the arms of Jesus. The love I felt was cosmic and eternal.

Later that night I was very surprised by a visit from two Celestial Beings. They spoke to me and gave me four messages:

œDo not fear - God is with you always.
œDo not worry - you will be lifted up.
œIt took a lot of work to make this universe - we hope you care!
œSince the Spirit of Truth put a blessing on your hands tonight, do not touch any object or person in an ungodly manner.
The next morning my hands were still on fire from the night before. I climbed out of my truck that was parked among the tall trees and rejoiced in a beautiful day. The fire in my hands lasted about three months.

That event proved to me that The Urantia Book is real and that contact with the spirit world is a very real possibility. Before I saw a stranger as just another person, but now I see them as a child of God.