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The Universe Creator Is My Dad

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Christopher Lepine, a freelance writer from Delaware.

Twenty years ago, a next-door neighbor lent me The Urantia Book. At that time, I had a worldview marred by misconceptions, fears, and an ignorance of life's spiritual essentials. After spending some time with the book, I found that I was not only beginning to see the world differently, but also myself, and thus, was becoming a new person. It gave me a way to remake my life and actually become a bit more alive each day.

My real life began based on several core truths I found in the book. When I allowed myself to believe and contemplate them, everything changed and kept changing. To this day, when I actively think and live these truths, I am thrilled and instantly empowered to do anything.

The re-creation of my being is profound and unending. Challenges that I once thought impossible to overcome are now met with strength and openness. I am completely on fire with the joy and possibility of life. I still go through ups and downs, but in all of it, I grow stronger daily and become more alive and real.

As an eighteen-year-old new to The Urantia Book, I had many issues and yearnings: I felt out of touch with people. I never seemed to fit in. I had little confidence in my abilities. I was always afraid to try, thinking that I just didn't have it in me or that the consequences would be bad. I didn't know what career I wanted to pursue. I had a few close friends, but was basically a lonely person. I wanted to realize my destiny and feel the full joy of relating to people. I had neither a clue nor a source of strength with which to accomplish these things. I had a spiritual outlook, but it was black and white, monotone, flat, conventional, and dim: It lacked the power to set me on fire and change my life. Then I found The Urantia Book and the truths that would release me.

So, what did this mysterious, enormous blue book give me – like no other – that made a difference?

Well, it gave me the courage to change my life and myself. Very shortly, I was spending more rewarding and quality time with people than I ever had. I was volunteering, dancing, hiking, going to concerts, and enjoying Urantia Book discussion groups. I started to date more women, began to try new projects, and generally believe that I could change myself. Today I am happily married and employed. I live in a great community, rich with family and friends.

Over time the key truths in The Urantia Book transformed my mind and improved my ability to make decisions: I started to challenge myself, take more risks, and yearn for adventure. When I had a problem, I began to see it as a growth opportunity. When I was afraid, I sought to change myself with courage. When I failed, I used the truths to show me the real value of learning. When I became mired in introversion and introspection, they helped me to emerge to socialize and serve others. When I didn't know what to do with my life, they reminded me to open up and receive divine guidance. When I wanted to become more than I was, they inspired me and allowed God to fill me.

Today I continue to build my life on the foundation of truths in The Urantia Book: I am a child of a perfect and loving Father-God whom I can contact directly in any moment. He loves me with a sublime parental affection that will see me through everything. He wants me to grow, be happy, and know the joy of adventure. He wants me to see myself as He sees me, an eternal being of light, happy and confident with endless potential. He gives me everything I need. He is a loving parent, true friend, and a perfect, eternal, infinite Deity. The Creator of the universe is my Dad.

The Designer of all that is, the greatest, unlimited power of all, listens to me each day and offers His kind guidance and gentle divine touch. I know I will surmount every challenge. I know I will grow and exist for eternity. I know there is an unending panorama of breathtaking adventure and discovery in this life and the next. I know that no influence or power in the universe (as Paul has said) can come between me and my God.

The Urantia Book has taught me that it is my right to approach God simply through the sincerity of my heart and the effort of my will. I do not need to join any human institution or follow any human being to be close to God. I know that if I truly make an effort to pray and listen, grow and work, forgive and serve, then I will experience the full joy of intimate contact with God.

I know through the wonderful example of Jesus as portrayed in The Urantia Book, that I can overcome anything and that, in him, I have a loving, understanding and sympathetic brother by my side. I know that humankind is designed for greatness. I know that every act of good helps me grow and is never lost or forgotten, despite appearances. I know that the Spirit of God lives in me and will always be there to guide me.

I know that each day is a new beginning.

I know all of this and so much more, all because I know The Urantia Book.