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The Story of a Woman

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I am a woman of 55 years of age, and have been reading The Urantia Book for many years. For many years though, it was put on hold, as life took me by its adversities, and journeys, and stole my soul.

My life had become fettered with disillusionment and abandonment. I felt isolated, and non-spiritually guided. I felt hopeless, and found that mankind could not stand up to the values and integrity or "truth, beauty, and goodness" that I so strongly craved.

For many years the book had been put away, and I did not pick it up until I had an epiphany. This awakening came suddenly and with adversity. Because I had nowhere to turn and no human could save me, I turned to The Urantia Book and began reading it again. A new beginning developed in me. I was "born again." Born to the realities of God, and the doing of God's will. I asked myself, is this true, beautiful, and good? When a human asks these questions, the spirit of truth reveals the answers.

I am not perfect, but I am striving for a perfect life. A life filled with service for my fellow mortals, service that includes every facet of my life, whether personal or professional. I am strong, and no longer weak and helpless. I am a child of the Most High, and "adversity only makes me stronger." I love the wisdom of The Urantia Book. This book is everything to me! It has led me "from dark waters, from the valley of death, and brought me to the spring of life."

All you seekers of truth, it takes courage to undertake the religion of Jesus. Jesus is our strength and our creator. In Him is our life, and through him we find our Father, our infinite God. May all be filled with love and wisdom, as we join forces for God!

Love to you all my brothers and sisters of Christ.