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The Great Integrator

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I'd like to share how I found The Urantia Book and how it changed my life.

I had been very interested in the theme of advanced, extraterrestrial intelligences for some time now, and in learning about the universe as a whole. This was giving me a new understanding of The Bible, but The Bible itself wasn't following my line of enquiry very far, at least as far as I could understand it. In other words, I was drifting away from 'revealed' religion, with it's heirarchy of angels and talk of a Divine Kingdom as embodied in The Bible, and towards fan sites which talk about extraterrestrials. Searching for interesting sites on the Internet, I chanced upon The Urantia Book and got far more than I had bargained for.

For the first time, The Urantia Book tied together my interest in cosmic exploration with the teachings of Jesus and of the Angelic Host. There had been a painful conflict in my mind between revealed religion on the one hand, and the idea of a 'cosmic community' of freely evolving life on the other. It seemed to me that the moral teachings of religion and the evolution of life were in quite separate spheres and I would have to choose between them at some point (as many have appeared to do). I found the 'one planet' view of most religious people I had met intellectually stifling, but at the same time I realised that their concern with the moral sphere and our treatment of others is really important and no amount of learning renders it less so. The Urantia Book pulled these two together in a divine synthesis that I could never have made myself. Never before had I seen such an integrated source of knowledge, or seen the words of Jesus in such a naturalistic and sympathetic style. Gone was the 'mysteriumm tremendum' of a God who moves in ways that are always beyond our understanding and more emphasised was a loving God who can be known. Why this is not always immediately apparent on our world was made very clear in the narratives of our world's history. Many things that had confused me for some time were cleared up, for example the question of the original rebellion and of attempts to integrate this world into the cosmic kingdom.

So now I study The Urantia Book regularly, especially through the Internet resources of Truthbook.com, each time picking up a new spiritual gem. It presents a vast universe, not abandoned to chance but ruled by angels of various descriptions. It has helped support my growing contention that even if all is not as it often should be on this world, in the universe as a whole, things are going according to plan, in a manner that shows God's benevolence. Also, whilst it says that this world is indeed something of a cosmic backwater in developmental terms, this does by no means render our deeds and attitudes here meaningless- here of all places Jesus himself chose to demonstrate the possibility of a meaningful and compassionate life despite all the obsticles.

So if, like me, you have realised that life is indeed wonderful and a constant learning process of wonder, but that this rather lost world has to an extent forgotten this and misunderstood life to be something of a burden cut off from the rest of existence, then you too can find solace and encouragement in The Urantia Book.

I only wish more of my friends and family could share my passionate interest in this work- they often assume it is nothing more than a sectarian curiosity. Yet I am leaning new and wonderful things from The Urantia Book every day, and more importantly it has given me new impetus to see this wonder reflected in the world around me. I am happy to see that I am not alone, and in fact near-infinite beings are happily evolving and learning in the universes, enjoying learning and being kind to others for it's own sake. When things are hard, they are hard for a reason and if we push through to the next level of evolution, new possibilities open up and our world becomes bigger. Having The Urantia Book confirmed so much that I had suspected all along, yet even more so opened up new lines of enquiry and contemplation. Phrases like- "The universe is not like the laws, mechanisms, and the uniformities which the scientist discovers, and which he comes to regard as science, but rather like the curious, thinking, choosing, creative, combining, and discriminating scientist who thus observes universe phenomena and classifies the mathematical facts inherent in the mechanistic phases of the material side of creation. Neither is the universe like the art of the artist, but rather like the striving, dreaming, aspiring, and advancing artist who seeks to transcend the world of material things in an effort to achieve a spiritual goal."(The Urantia Book P.2080 - §7), help me to have a sense of wonder of reality and how it creates my life according to my own choices and way of thinking. The universe is more like us, and we are more a part of it, than it might seem. I am sure I will be studying this book for the rest of my Earthly life. The fact that I found it at all shows God's love for me.