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The Gift Of Revelation

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It is utterly humbling to think of the dimensions of the revelation that has been dropped into my lap. If all books were to be weighed according to their significance, then The Urantia Book would command such gravity as an equally sized chunk of black hole.

When I first began reading there was excitement at having found the truth. Truth is a living breathing entity and The Urantia Book is a statement about truth, taken in snapshot fashion and reported by beings with a partial grasp of reality, that was modified by the time and location of its appearance. But, to me, it is the Truth by Urantian (Earthly) standards.

As my reading continues, the word picture which the revelation describes develops in my mind and the accumulating data creates a shift in me. Without knowing exactly when it occurs, the shift causes the newly perceived description to fill the vacuums in my mind, but it doesn't stop there, the fulfillment overtakes the background and the foreground of perception. This is all, of course, at my urging, my continual reach for more light, more longing to touch the hem of God's cloak.

And in all this desire for growth, the Urantia revelation becomes a bottomless well of spiritual sustenance. What will it be today, the beefy renderings in the middle of the book, the juicy cuttings about Paradise in the first course or the sweet dessert of Jesus' teachings at the end?

Surely the revelators (those who sponsored this revelation) are not without regard for appreciation and it is with a greatly humbled heart and grateful soul that I thank them for the Fifth Epochal Revelation and express my nameless gratitude for letting me in on the true nature of God, the purpose of life and the knowledge that helps me understand the reason evil exists in an otherwise good Universe.

My life's path began to change from the moment I picked up the revelation. It is fairly easy to surmise where I would be if I had not found the book. And that possible existence is better left unknown when compared to the forward looking, excitement filled, ever unfolding universe career that I am living in the eternity that the Father has fashioned out of nothing.

Thanks to all who brought the living water to Urantia, it tastes good.