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The Book in my Dreams

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My family is not religious, but I did learn about Jesus when I was a child and I was christened in the Church of England. The pure beautiful message I received was of love, friendship, encouragement and healing.

I had a dream many times about an open book with thousands of open books behind it and I would be viewing the map of the world from out in Space somewhere! In 2002 I met a beautiful, spiritual lady who introduced me to The Urantia Book. We were neighbours for a few months and shared and read together. The Urantia Book is the book in my dreams!

God's Grace and my faith have made it possible for me to be here against all odds! I suffered from chronic alcoholism and eating disorders for 21 years. I have been free and sober since 15th October, 2001. Praise God! I am a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and The Salvation Army. I am a quiet gentle soul, my life experiences have given me insights, compassion and understanding. I recently bought a computer and as soon as I was online looked up Urantia, and was so happy to find it! I love the daily readings and beautiful pictures. It is a constant challenge to be who I am. The Urantia Book always helps me to focus on The Big Picture! I have had a very testing time lately and reading every day is helping me so much. Thank you for being here.

I am 45 years old and my new life is amazing! I dont have a family of my own, which has caused me great sadness, but I am a spiritual Mum! My three beautiful younger sisters all have children. Our family is healing from the devastation of addictions. I have a closeness with my mother I have always wanted. I know my dear Dad is in a good place. I am a full time student at Tafe, studying Community services. My goal is to be a social worker. I am truly blessed.

Thank you for the oppotunity to share with you, Lauren Dean