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The Book has Transformed My Life

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Converted to Christianity at age 19, I held strong evangelical beliefs for many years. I trained at Fuller Theological Seminary and San Francisco Theological Seminary, and served as a Presbyterian minister for eleven years before returning to psychology. My leaving the ministry had nothing to do with God, The Bible, or The Urantia Book; it was just a matter of preferring a different sort of ministry.

My introduction to The Urantia Book was through a fellow science teacher who was a Methodist. He and I had many discussions about faith. One day he told me he had a book that he thought might interest me, and lent me a copy.

I began at the beginning, reading the Foreword, despite his caution not to. I figured that with degrees in philosophy, psychology and theology I should be able to handle it. I found it more or less incomprehensible and put the book down for about six months. When my friend asked how I was doing, I told him I thought it resembled Gnosticism because of all the orders of angels and other celestial administrators it presented. He asked if I wanted to return the book; I told him I would give it one more try.

I looked through the table of contents until I found Paper 189, "The Resurrection of Jesus." On a warm summer morning I read that paper with a cup of coffee in my hand. I was astounded. Never had I heard such a convincing story of the events of the Easter weekend, down to the final details. What impressed me most was the UB's explanation of the disappearance of the mortal body of Jesus - instantaneous decay by the speeding up of time, at the request of the "angels of the resurrection." I had never heard this explanation before, and it made sense.

I spilled my cup of coffee on the book and decided I had better buy my own copy and read on. This I did for about six months, every night for about thirty minutes. I read it with an attitude of open skepticism. I found as I read that I didn't understand some of the words or concepts, and that some of the information was completely new to me. Many of the teachings struck an immediate Aha! response, and the book - so mysterious and exciting - steadily grew on me. I began to wonder, could the book be true?

About halfway through the book I called up the friend who had loaned it to me and asked him if he believed the book was what it claimed to be, a revelation of truth. He said yes, and told me the story of how he had found it.

I am now in my tenth reading in about ten years. My habit is to maintain an almost daily reading schedule. My wife, Virginia Enfield Kelly, has joined me in the study and application of the book and has become just as convinced and enthusiastic about it as I am. We are active members in two Urantia Book-related study groups.

The book has transformed my life, my thinking, my perspective on God, the universe, humanity, the afterlife and the purpose of life. The Jesus of The Urantia Book is, in my opinion, greater than, but not different from, the Jesus of the Gospels. He is more complete, believable, loving, human and - if you can believe this - more divine.