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As someone who received a degree in Geological Engineering, I knew first hand that the geologic history of the earth certainly didn't match the Creationist's theory of the earth. I also knew that evolution was a fact of life on this planet. Yet, I also knew in my heart of the existence of God, and through my Catholic upbringing I believed in Christ. So many times I told others that I believed that evolution and geologic history were part of God's process, although I never really had any texts to back me up.

Then I went and saw the movie The Passion of the Christ with my neighbor. I left the theater with a sense of peace and a confirmed knowledge that we are all here on a Godly Mission to expand His love. A couple of nights later I had an incredible dream (so very, very real). In the dream I sat with Jesus Christ and the apostles and received bread from his hand (communion as the Catholics would say). The next day, I saw an advertisement link on the internet to Truthbook.com and literally digested and engulfed the words on Jesus' life that are featured on the site. The amazing thing is that in the portion of the Book that describes the history of the earth, it mentions a series of rock beds in Montana that I myself studied in my college field camp. I knew more than ever that the knowledge is this book was indeed sublime and this book has brought me to a new pinnacle of faith and hope that seems to continually grow each day.

My challenge now is to bring my life experience and my decisions and my actions up to the reality of the inspiration I feel. I've got to walk the talk, walk the gift that has been given me. For the first time, I love engaging cranky Old Testament fundamentalists with a loving "Jesus" centered message and gently reminding them (and myself) that Jesus word, being and presence truly are about love, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness and worship of God the Father. GOD IS LOVE. So let go and let GOD!

I bid you all His Peace and Love, Jeff