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By Karen Larson, a wife and mother from New Jersey

All my life I have questioned everything! My curiosity for how and why things work the way they do, kept my teachers, parents and priests busy. Yet, many of my questions went unanswered. The ones that perplexed me the most were about religion. Many of the theological explanations I was given did not satisfy my inquisitive mind. I knew in my heart and soul that something was missing. To accept religious teachings with blind faith made no sense to me. I reasoned that if God were truly all that they said he was, then explanations about him would make sense, or at least be somewhat logical to my limited point of view. I never doubted the existence of God or the workings of a master plan, but I just didn't have a clue how to reconcile the diverse thoughts and ideas of the various religions on our world. Each religion with its own agenda made me wonder, "Where does God fit in? What is the bigger picture?"

The day I started reading The Urantia Book, was the day my whole outlook on religion and life, as I had been living it, began to change. The questions, too long unanswered, suddenly came in a steady stream of inspiring truth. Finally, I had logical insights and explanations about "how all things work" for the good of God and His divine plan. The Urantia Book's objective presentation was a refreshing light of life that I had never experienced before. The teachings on man's evolution, change, progress and potential were arranged in a chronological sequence that completed the missing links, and fulfilled my desire to know where I had come from, why I was here and where I had the potential to go. My religion became mine, personal, unique and always alive and dynamic!

One gets a strange and wonderful feeling when truth permeates the soul, when the Spirit of truth helps you soar a million miles high. Some revelations that came with the book were difficult; it is hard to change one's perspective of life after years of living. It is challenging to reassess the meanings and value of what is and what is not. It seemed easier to stay where I was, then to move diligently some other way. Yet when I read of Jesus, our Sovereign Creator Son of God, who became mortal, as I am mortal, and still chose God's will at each turn, I knew that no longer could I hide in what the past. I had to act in the present with love, kindness and unselfishness. I had to learn to love and come to understand the motives of all my brothers and sisters, to honestly and sincerely seek the will of God each and everyday, in every single situation that I come upon.

Through the presentations of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, The Urantia Book, I have been given spiritual freedom and liberation from the bondage of my mortal flesh. I am no longer a female mortal living on earth, with fears of death, disease and despair. I am an ascending faith- daughter of God, and I have within me an actual fragment of His perfect spirit, who is my constant guide, companion and friend, one who is always there, telling me, ever so quietly, "This is the way." I know that when it is MY will that His will be done, nothing can stop God's divine plan for me.

The Urantia revelation assisted me in being "born again" to the awareness and presence of the immortal soul that evolves within me. My eternal potential was awakened by my need for more then material things. I have acquired an honest desire to change the aspects of myself that I know are not in alignment with God's will. I am now attempting to live those changes, ever so slowly; day- by-day, year-by-year, through each new experience of my life. I am constantly reevaluating and adjusting my thoughts, words and deeds, so that they might become living examples of God's will. I pray always to be guided by His love from within and above. Through communion and prayer, I daily discover the best path for my life's travels.