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It Was Always There, Waiting For Me

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I think my nature to question things I saw in the outside world started around age 12. I was constructing my own philosophy of the world and was constantly asking my dad questions on the meaning of life. Little did I know that my dad and my Thought Adjuster (the part of God that dwells in each human being) were placing me on the path!

On my 18th birthday, I got an extra package from dad. It was of course, a copy of The Urantia Book. My friends were perplexed and I was nonplussed to be given a gift like this at my party. I didn't even think I needed it and it lay around in my room for a year.

Then, in 1990, I moved out on my own, going to college and working in a restaurant. I hated college life and I finally decided to pick up The Urantia Book. The funny thing is, I was in the library when I made this decision! Interestingly enough, the library did not have the book available to check out, but it was being held in reference. I found it after a time and took it to a desk to read.

It was there, in February of 1990, that my Thought Adjuster once again broke through the animal-electro- chemical limitations of my brain and slammed me in the head with the most intense spiritual Truth I had ever known. I cannot call it a voice, but something 'spoke' to me and said, "This is Truth. This is real. Run with it." And run I did. I read so much, reading at the library and in between classes and at home, sometimes until 4AM. As a result of reading it, my views of the world changed, and the hole that I never knew was there in my life was filled. It felt good.

May the Light of our Father find every soul who sits in spiritual darkness.
May everyone who seeks, find His eternal Love.
May we all come together in Him someday.

Peace and Love to all.