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It Just Made Sense

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Geoff Taylor, an engineer from Manitoba, Canada.

I grew up in an Anglican environment, my father was the leader of the church alter guild, and I was your stereotypical choirboy and alter boy. God was good and times were great. With a silver spoon in my mouth as a compass and an ego that had wings big enough to fly solo, I needed nothing to take on the big world.

As successes piled up I questioned the need for, and the very existence of, God. The Bible became illogical. This biblical anthropomorphic God was irrational and inconsistent. I now had enough science to know that the purported miracles were probably misunderstandings of natural events. As far as creation/evolution went I could explain all but the preexistent energy of the big bang.

Had it not been for the exceptional creditability of the person who introduced me to The Urantia Book I would never have read it. Having read it, I will admit that I have never taken anything more seriously in my life. The coin flipped and suddenly the miracles made sense, the concept of God made sense, this life, the next life, eternity, all made sense.

The Urantia Book was logical, internally consistent, intellectually stimulating, and every reading seemed to amplify my depth of understanding. There was however one major drawback to reading it. With the increase in understanding came a commensurate increase in self-expectation. It has taken some time to come to grips with these newfound responsibilities to the brotherhood of man and a God who accepts the consequences of my actions.

The Urantia Book changed my life from complete confidence in self to complete confidence in God.