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It Has Become a Living Reality

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In the late '60s, I was in my mid- twenties and living an alternative lifestyle - to put it mildly. My life was a chaotic mixture of The Urantia Book, LSD, the Beatles' music, and suicidal depression. The book had been given to me by a good friend, Jim Roland, a former nuclear physicist who had "dropped out" because of negative feelings about how that energy was being used. (Jim has long since graduated to the mansion worlds.)

My finding of The Urantia Book wasn't so exciting or unusual, but after I found it my life turned upside down. I knew the revelation was what it said it was as soon as I'd read the first few pages, yet I proceeded to go downhill for the next three years. Through my drug-using days (only marijuana and LSD!) and through several suicide attempts, I continued to carry the book with me as I roamed the countryside telling people about it. I was a mess, but somehow, by the grace of God, I survived those three years in which I was spinning out of control, with that revelation under my arm.

I was studying, at the same time, astrology, magic, the Tarot, palm reading, the I Ching, Egyptian mythology, and all the rest of it, and was becoming increasingly confused. One day, while reading the UB, I came across the section in Part IV where Jesus denounces magic and superstition. As soon as I finished reading these pages, I threw away all of the other books.

And yet, it wasn't until about three years later that I really began to get the message of the book - that God loves you! It was not until then that I began to deeply desire to get in touch with God. After that my life slowly began to turn upwards from its downward spiral. Over thirty years later, the truths, the stories, and the cosmology remain almost a daily nourishment for me.

So much of The Urantia Book is now embedded in my mind, my soul, and my life that I feel the revelation has gone beyond being a book; it has become a living reality that constantly struggles to express itself moment by moment in my life. I doubt that I would be here today if it weren't for the amazing grace of love that flowed, and still flows, from the truths expressed in this living revelation. Thanks to our Father, and to all my brothers and sisters whom I have met through this wonderful gift.