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It seems that I have always had a direct communication with the Infinite. This was hard for me to explain to myself and others. Yet, somehow out of nowhere appeared this blue book of truth with a page opened to my eyes explaining exactly what it was I had been experiencing. God's words were unfolding before me and offering me an understanding that I had known all of my life but could not explain.

I believe that The Urantia Book is for a certain group of people who will become teachers and spiritual uplifters for those human beings who need truth to guide them out of fear and ignorance.

Those who read it are the very first on this world to have such knowledge and it speaks to those who are truly open to truth. Those who wish to serve humanity are an extension of the Infinite Spirit and Jesus' Spirit of Truth which dwells on Urantia (Earth) to minister to all human mortals who seek truth and to partake of it...