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I'm Impressed

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Even as a child in my native Germany, I was not impressed with the "religious" introductions I was offered in either the public school system or by well meaning persons who were trying to save me from some unknown, undefined infraction, or some "sin" about which I knew nothing. These actions caused a life long personal search for the truth about God, religion and how I fit in?

Well, years of searching formal and casual studies of Christianity and most major and minor beliefs, piles of research papers, notes and collections of philosophical books, pamphlets and other data, and numerous discussions with friends, religionists and philosophical persons lead me to an individual, who, after hours and hours of listening to me, handed me The Urantia Book with an admonition to, "read, study and return this book."

After reading it again and again, I wanted to know just who had been "reading" my papers? It was as though someone had "transcribed" and hard bound my personal notes. (LOL)

I must say, that The Urantia Book found me, not the other way around. I'm impressed, delighted and amazed, even after my 7th complete reading.

Regardless of the question about who caused this book to be written or who transcribed it into the language of the realm, I am impressed and although not much impresses me...this book does.