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I Was Overwhelmed...

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I am a technical manager in one of the largest govt companies in India with nearly three decades of professional work experience in this company in various capacities. By education and training, I am chemical engineer, with work experience and interest in water and waste water engineering.

I have been born and brought up in a Syrian Christian family of Kerala and have always been maintaining the relationship as a member of my church. During my youth days some atheistic view points had entered in my mind, but later my intelligent mind discarded those thoughts and I have been a firm believer of a super intelligent God behind everything. I had got the opportunity to understand the religious concepts of Hinduism, Islam and others, though not very deeply, in addition to those of my own religion-Christianity. Of all these, Christianity appealed to me as comparatively more logical and acceptable to an intelligent mind.

But, even on a casual approach, I could see that there were many contradictions in the Bible and I was a bit confused with the stand taken by many of the Christian teachers and believers about the verbatim truthfulness of Bible as a whole and that it is the true word of God.

The Bible presented the concept that God is Love, but there existed long depictions of God inspired violence, war and God as the God of Armies.

But at the same time the teachings of Jesus Christ as given in the Bible gave a different picture.

So in the recent past, I have been using my spare time to surf the internet to find out what the net savvy people say on these.

Then quite unexpectedly, the Truthbook site and The Urantia Book came to my vision.

It is just a month ago.

I was overwhelmed as I glanced at these presentations- I have not yet read all the papers, but only a few. Every word of those I read, was logical and acceptable to my intelligence, though my limited brain could not comprehend the vast knowledge it presented, with one reading.

No one in this part of the world, to my knowledge, has known the existence of this marvellous revelation of truth, yet.

I wonder whether there could be similar ones like me who could be in fellowship to study this book and enhance our lives by true knowledge under the everloving presence of the UNIVERSAL FATHER, guidance of Jesus Christ and the hosts of the spiritual worlds.

Yours with Love,

Er Rajan C Mathew