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I Was in a Philosophic Crisis

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The time was the late '60s and the Vietnam war was tearing America apart. Like many young people, I was in a philosophic crisis, searching for life's meaning. After six years of journeying through various religions, philosophies, and scientific theories, I was strongly encouraged by three friends to read The Urantia Book. They promised that this book blended religion and science into a transforming yet realistic vision of life.

My 1968 Christmas treasure was a Urantia Book under the tree. As the winter snows piled high on the Rocky Mountains outside my window, I sat by the warm fire learning about the mysteries of the universe from The Urantia Book. Life was quickly changing as hope flooded my mind after reading the book's vivid descriptions of life after death and the purpose of our lives here.

And then it happened. I read Part IV, "The Life and Teachings of Jesus." For the first time I found true happiness. From within these pages Jesus came alive and made all things new.