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I Found The Urantia Book In My Dreams

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In 1971 I had a reoccurring dream, about a room filled with books. I was always in the room looking for a book.

One day my husband and I decided to go to a Goodwill store on the north side of Chicago. I walked in the bookroom and I knew this was the room in my dream. I started looking through the books and the third book I picked up was The Urantia Book. I looked at the contents and told my husband "This is the book I've been looking for. This is why this room was coming to me in dreams." I bought The Urantia Book for $2.50.

I was overwhelmed by the contents. I looked up the Urantia Foundation and spoke to someone there. I explained that I didn't understand the names and I was getting a headache just trying to comprehend the papers. The person at the Foundation told me to read the life and teachings of Jesus, which I did in a weekend. I couldn't put the book down. After reading about Jesus's life I could then understand, for some reason, everything the book said.

I have loaned this book to many ministers of every faith, because I believe it is supposed to be shared. I truly believe every person should read this book. It has changed my life and helped many of the people who I've shared it with.