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I Found a Reason for Being

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I was born into the home of a dysfunctional family, went through the pains and sorrows of childhood, adolescence, and adult life. There were moments while alone, confusion overcame me and in my pains and sorrows I asked myself what is it all for? What is this that we call consciousness? I found myself pondering on what I felt then was chaos and madness.

For many years my soul has like that of many others, contemplated the complexity of the reason for being. My search has led me into a mental maze of concepts and ideas. I tried desperately to analyze the intricate and illusive states of consciousness, and to maybe catch a glimpse of the cause of all causes. I explored, meditated and performed self-introspection. But the "reason for being" still eluded me, as a cunning fox eludes the hound. I watched the years go by as one watches a flock of birds going south for the winter. After many years of suffering this dilemma, grace finally came and I was blessed with peace and understanding.

On July 4 1997, I came across The Urantia Book. Urantia means "earth" according to those Higher Beings that claimed to have presented this book to mankind. The book provides us with the history of our universe, our planet and us. When I found the book and started reading it I went into a state of profound awe for months. I recognized the book as the information I have been searching for most of my life. It had such an impact on my life, that I wrote an autobiography entitled Lord I Got Over without any previous experience as a writer. I also recently completed another book, with the same title as this essay, which is in the process of being published. This I did without any formal education; as a matter of fact I had to quit school before finishing high school. I grew up in a home with an alcoholic father, who made my life a living hell. I was able however to secure a High School GED while I was in the army for three years. Just about all of my education was self-taught.

During the 1980's Dr. Raymond Moody did extensive research in the field of near death experience (NDE). Patients who experienced near-death invariably asserted that life is a continuum. After leaving this dimension we continue our evolving in other dimensions. Some patients talked about the wonderful beings they met in other dimensions. These beings are the essence of love. The patients also talked about our continuous education in those other worlds. They became aware that after death we don't go to heaven and suddenly become perfect beings as so many religions teach. The road to perfection is a process. It will take million of years before we reach the final stage… perfection; just as it took millions upon millions of years for us to reach the current stage of our existence.

According to The Urantia Book, our planet earth crust started to cool down around one-billion years ago, that is when those Higher Beings gave our planet its name Urantia. Around six-hundred million years ago a scouting party was sent to our planet from those higher dimensions to report on its suitability for becoming a life experiment station. Around five-hundred and fifty-million years ago Higher Beings, referred to as Life Carriers, in the higher worlds initiated the original life pattern on our planet. This life pattern started in earth's oceans when the water on our world reached a certain desired briny mixture. Our primordial ancestors were actually the slime and ooze of the ancient bed in the lethargic and warm water bays and lagoons of the vast shoreline of Ancient Island. Around five hundred million years ago primitive marine vegetable life was well established on Urantia. Around four- hundred and fifty million years ago the transition from vegetable life to animal life took place in the briny sea waters. Eventually, animal life forms evolved, left the sea and crawled upon the land.

After million of years out of the sea there were huge land animals on our planet, this occurred because the Life Carriers were manipulating the life force in the seeds that they had created and God had granted the breath of life. After million of years those huge land animals begin to disappear and smaller primates begin appearing on the scene, and many million of years later humans began to make their appearance and eventually evolving into thinking beings. It was during this period that the adjuster the spirit of God the God within came and indwelled in the minds of our ancient ancestors.

The Bible mentions in two places that God created man. In Genesis 1:27, God spoke to the word or (his Son) and said, "let us make man in our own image, after our own likeness." In Genesis 2:7, of The Bible it states that "God made man of the dust of the ground, breathed into his nostril the breath of life and man became a living soul." It appears that those ancient writers misunderstood the information concerning our ancient ancestors, when they reached that stage of their evolution, where the spirit of God came and dwelled in the minds of our ancient ancestors. Those writers evidently took this to be part of the creation of mankind. According to The Urantia Book this is when mankind actually became a true human being. The purpose of this indwelling was to create the soul and to lead human-kind to higher worlds or higher dimensions.

At this time, the combined forces of the God within and the free-willed human being created the living soul. The God within and the human creature are the parents of the potential immortal soul. Also, at this conjunction, the body of the individual became the temple of God… as referred to by The Bible. At this stage of their development, humans became free will creatures; free to choose to do God's will and become immortal beings. The soul created by the God within and the free-will human beings is what survives death. This soul survival is one of the main reasons Jesus allowed himself to be put to death, he wanted to prove to us that the soul survived death. On the third day after the death of the body the soul will wake up in another dimension. It will continue to evolve if it continues to do the will of God. Otherwise that soul will sleep until the resurrection. Our living and dying (the dying of the body) has a purpose. That purpose is revealed to us more fully as we ascend to higher dimension.

Those who ascended into higher dimensions won't immediately become prefect beings. After transcending to higher dimensions, it will take million of years of evolving in those higher worlds before one become a perfected being. In time we will become what those Higher Beings call "finaliters." At this stage of our development we will enter Paradise where we will see the Father. We will be Super-universe administrators. We, who started out as God's lowest "will creatures," from this state will become a group of God's greatest administrators in the universe. This is due to the fact that we will know every stage from the lowest to the highest, didn't the Master Teacher, Jesus, say to us that the "last shall be first."

To the best of my ability I shared with my fellow humans, my understanding of the purpose of life at this stage of my development. Using The Urantia Book as my guide, I found my purpose in life and since then peace and serenity has been my constant companion. When one reaches the point in their life, that they understand where they are from, and know their destiny, it is a wonderful feeling.