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How the Urantia Revelation Changed My Name

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Since my initial exposure to the Fifth Epochal Revelation just 20 years ago, I have experienced many momentous changes in my life and outlook on almost everything. Among them are the following: I have changed my name, my address, my whole philosophy of living, my mind, my choices, direction, and attitudes.

Here's how my name change happened: Around the time of my birth, I inherited my surname which, according to the customs of the time was the same as my father's. My identity was all wrapped up in that name for many years. In that town, the name was well known and generally highly respected. Used by public figures, it sometimes got us places socially. Like most names however, it carried with it certain racial biases and prejudice among those of other nationalities. All in all, I recently found it better to just drop the last name. My first name is another story, I hated it! I never knew anyone else with THAT NAME. Then, after becoming a devotee of The Urantia Book, I discovered the letters "UB" right in the middle of my given name, H U B E R T, so I adopted it!

Huge changes have occurred in my religion. Instead of having a "second hand religion," I now get it directly from God - not from a book, a religious denomination or church authority. I find true religion comes from beyond human sources. If this sounds difficult, onerous or unpleasant in any way, let me assure you that such is absolutely not the case! My enjoyment of life, my fellow humans, nature, everything I encounter in fact, has been enhanced a hundred fold. Whereas I formerly saw others as potential enemies out to harm me in some way, now I can hardly wait to meet the next stranger whom I know I will enjoy and benefit from in some super-mortal manner. Every day I greet with enthusiasm, happy anticipation, expecting and finding another wonderful list of beneficial experiences.

One thing I find is that since leaving my mortal plans aside and adopting the divine plan, laid out for me by an all-wise Creator Father, I end each day with praise and gratitude. Each day seems to begin with spiritual thrills beyond human comprehension. Often I have to divert my attention to "shut off the stream of blessing" which is just too torrential to handle.

The "revelation" I'm describing has been called by many names - The Urantia Book, the Fifth Epochal Revelation, God's Bible etc. Call it what you like, but just read a hundred pages of it and you will think of a name to describe it. Overall, it is a huge book but it is easily divided into sections which one may read in a few minutes each. Many find that a glimpse at the "Contents" in the front of the book arouses curiosity in some manner. Another way some find helpful is to randomly open it anywhere and read whatever takes your fancy. Some prefer to start at the beginning and read it consecutively.

There are hundreds of "study groups" who read together and help each other with difficult passages. There are no expensive, multinational advertising campaigns under way to "sell" this unique book. As far as I know, most folks learn of it through meeting another reader. That is how I came across it. I'll always be very grateful for the person who introduced it to me. It happened at a time when I was apparently ready for it. When a pupil is ready a teacher will appear. That's how it often works. If you would like more information regarding this wonderful experience I have had over the past 20 years, I would be happy to share it with you. I call myself "UBie" in deference to my favorite book, The Urantia Book.