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How I Became Indwelt

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I was born to two newly born-again Christians in 1987. My parents both came from broken families and they fatefully became Christians together and they got married two years later...so of course I was raised Christian as I grew up. I even went to Christian private school for eight years! When I was five years- old, my father told me about Jesus Christ and what he did here on earth. I was so impressed by this story I decided to accept Jesus into my heart as my close friend and personal savior etc etc... Little did I know that for the last 30 years The Urantia Book has an exact section (not sure where it is, some where in the discussion of seriphim) where it teaches that mortal children are most likely to become indwelt by Though Adjusters at age five when they make their very first moral and conscious decision. So it was only a matter of time before I would discover The Urantia Book!

As I grew up in the very confined teachings of the Christian church and the Bible, every step of the way I had questions and more questions about God as he was portrayed in the Bible. Even at a young age I found so many contradictions about Christian teachings that by the time I was 20, God was no longer in my life. I stopped going to church and basically started living for my self and getting involved in habitual sinning and drugs.

But to spare you all the details, I'll just skip right to the good part!

3 months before I discovered TUB I could not stop thinking about Adam and Eve and the story of creation...I desperately tried to find truth and some sort of answers to the BS story. In addition to that subject I was ever more interested in astronomy and the universe. All these things on my mind started to drive me crazy.

One day I started working for a woman named Renee and I was helping her move from one house to the next. On the last day of work and with the last box to be moved... there was it was!!! Face down, the big blue book was there staring straight at me! I picked it up and read the contents of the book. When I saw that it had a teaching and alternate story of Jesus Christ I asked Renee what the heck is this book!? How do you talk about the universe and Jesus in the same book? So she briefly told me about the book and without hesitation she offered to let me borrow the book and I took it home. I jumped right in and had my mind absolutely blown!!! It answered all my hard boiled questions and immediately opened my consciousness. After that I couldn't put it down and read it like it was the greatest novel ever written! I looked back to God and said is this really true? And after discovering TUB I became smarter and more balanced, my soul was revisited and re-made.

I told my friend Matt about this amazing book and he got one the next day. We both talked about it for hours everyday and began expanding our cosmic realities together! so I've always thought that it was meant to be for me to discover The Urantia Book the way I did and the time I did. My life is much better now and my prayers are now answered and my relationship God is better than ever!

Well, that's my story! God bless you all and thanks for listening!