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God Told Me To Read It

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Because I had been raised in an atheistic family where religion was a subject that was expressly forbidden I was ignorant about Jesus.

I was 23 in 1970 and just out of the service. I was on my way toward studying to become an MD. I knew something was amiss. I realized that I needed to find out what the meaning of life was all about before I could be an effective doctor so I spent the summer in search of truth.

I decided that to make it real I had to abandon all preconceived thoughts of anything and be totally open to the truth, with a capital T. If God existed he was quite capable of informing me regarding his nature. At the end of my search (to make a long story short) was Jesus, face to face as it were. I realized through a series of quite extraordinary visions that Jesus was exactly who he said he was. However, I didn't exactly know who he said he was.

I was living in Boulder, Colorado and asked God to show me how I could find out who Jesus said he was. The very next day I heard someone reading from The Urantia Book at a fair of sorts at the university. I knew instantly that God wanted me to read it and went immediately to the bookstore and bought it.

So I say quite explicitly, God told me to read it. That was 33 years ago and I still read it nearly every day. I will until the day I graduate from this mortal life.