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Glory to The Tool Maker

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I had little or no upbringing in a traditional church, but studied Edgar Cayce and other New Age concepts as a much younger man. I lived so many years of my life in the mode of self- destruction. But one very special evening after yet another weekend spent drinking and drugging, I also reached out in desparation for help and the Master came into my life, and with His help, I've remained clean & sober for about two and a half years now. God has allowed me to start over with a new life and a new sense of purpose.

About three months after finding God and Jesus, The Urantia Book came into my hands, quite unexpectedly, as I had never heard of it prior to then. It has been a great help in understanding what happened to me that evening and it continues to be the best spiritual textbook and reference book I've found so far. But I must point out that Father and Christ Michael (Jesus) came into my life as a personal experience first, then The Urantia Book second. My point being: a book, even the UB, bible or other book of uplifting truth, should never be a substitute for a personal relationship with God or Jesus.

I must point out that God has changed my life, [The Urantia Book didn't], but the UB is an exceedingly well crafted tool that helps me to better understand my true relationship to Father, Jesus Christ Michael, Creative Daughter Spirit [Mother Nebadonia], and all my brothers and sisters in God. Only a tool crafted for no purpose is truly a useless tool and once a SUPREMELY crafted tool serves it's purpose, it isn't needed nearly as often...but it is no less valuable!!!

I must give glory to the Tool Maker, and not the tool.