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From Yahweh to ALLWAY

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I grew up as an outcast in my hometown, as my father converted our entire family to a doomsday-cult religion based on the name Yahweh and believing in his son, Yahoshua, who was the reincarnating son of the father spreading his message through the ages. But try as I might, I could never see the 'good' in it, as it spoke of everyone else living in the world as 'lost' and of Babylon. I could never believe that our Spiritual Father could abandon anyone if we are all made of the same stuff.

I had been out of high school only about a year or so when I went to work at a metal building factory and worked in the sheet line dept. with only one other person, and he had The Urantia book. He said he got it from someone else, but had never really studied it. I was desperate for what was in it, and we actually had a race to see who could finish it first. I ordered a case of them before finishing the book, which I think we did in three months. I sent one to each member of my family, but they were ignored. Oh well, I found the peace and the reason for inner peace I was looking for.

My suspicions were confirmed - the heavenly father really does love each one of us equally regardless of our ancestry, earthly religion, language, or physical appearance. And this is our first life, built from a culture of evolution - largely denied by most earthly religions, but so obvious.

I now have the courage to face everything. Even now I am facing life in prison for a crime I did not commit, but I have the necessary peace to see this as only a very small problem in the eternal adventure that I am already on. My wife does not see things as I do, but I pray for her to recognize her Thought Adjuster and the presence of the angels.

Just as no one can take away our knowledge once we have it, so too with the love of our inner spirit. It is so true - 'Seek and ye shall find' regarding our inner spirit and the peace that passes all material understanding.

Amen and God Bless for The Urantia book. Now I am on a quest to convert regular biblical-based Christians to see that believing in Jesus is really most synonymous to believing in altruism. I thank the loving angels for my life's purpose.

Love to you, whoever you are.