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First Year in College

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It was my first year of college, 17 years of age at CSUF, 1971. Prof. Gard of the religious studies department was in the hallway rounding up "anyone" to sign up for a senior class in rituals and symbols taught by a Servite priest.

I was an avid truth seeker. In class a raggedy military veteran incessitantly talked about a book called The Urantia Book, and strayed off-topic often. I went to Mass at the Newman Center and met the faculty advisors for the center, who happened to be his parents. That event made him more credible.

My mom picked me up at school and asked what I wanted for my birthday. I told her "The Urantia Book", and we went to the college bookstore and she ordered it for me. When I got the book I read Part IV about Jesus. It was what I had been looking for my whole life. I cried a lot and was so grateful to my Paradise Father for the new revelation.

It has been the supreme joy of my life, and the teachings have given me a spiritual foundation to understand life better and my destiny.