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Engaged On Every Level

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Charlotte Wellen, an English and Choices teacher from Virginia.

My youth was one long search – through every religion on earth – for anything that could speak to my soul about Truth and God. I found many such truths, but many questions were left unanswered. I especially was dissatisfied with the Christian religion as my family and the culture of the South practiced it. The condemnation to an eternity in Hell of all who seek outside Christianity was disgusting to me.

Finally, I came to the study of The Urantia Book. It engaged me on every level. I was fascinated, at first, by who in the world could have written such a phenomenal work. Soon, I realized that whoever wrote it, it was going to be important to my development as a spiritual being.

As I read through it the first few times, I could feel a kind of "adjustment" taking place inside me. By adjustment, I mean that the book was inviting me to take out every assumption about my existence, turn it around and look at it in another way, through the light of the truth within, and to toss out whatever couldn't stand up to that light.

I had to examine my beliefs about reincarnation, the souls of animals, and the life of Jesus. I came to an understanding of my future and it felt "right." Now, I can love Christ without having to accept the condemnatory beliefs and mythologies of modern Protestant and Catholic Christianity. It's a welcome relief to be able to love Jesus, whom I had always felt didn't fit into the religion that carried His name. Because of The Urantia Book I spend every day in a dialogue with God. I know what I'm working toward. I can't wait to see the mansion worlds, to meet my guardian angels, to learn and learn and learn.

I feel now, as if I am a citizen of the universe, not just of the U.S., or even of this planet. I also feel the strength that comes from having to find God from my own inner leading, and not from external sources. I know that I have developed spiritual muscles from having to struggle on my own to find God's Truths. I hope that I can use these strengths in the service of God the Father and the Holy Spirit at some point in the far-flung future of the universe.