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Joseph Patrick Hunneman, a professional musician in Ohio.

When I discovered The Urantia Book I was on what I thought to be the tail end of my search for truth on Earth. I had already read many of the sacred texts of the world, including different translations of the Bible; the one from the Eastern Christian Church was the most interesting.

I had gone to every type of church that I could get into. I slept on the floor and meditated my self to sleep every night. I studied my dreams and practiced a few yoga positions. I tried self-hypnosis, which seemed to work pretty well for minor wish fulfillment, but I simply was not getting it. Then when I got The Urantia Book I knew it was knowledge from beyond this world. It was too deep for anyone alive at the time, or even now, to have written. This seamless blend of cosmology and theology with the detailed story of Jesus' life, not to mention the almost humorous names that the authors invented, this could only have been done by some one seeing us from the "outside".

After reading the book all the way through three times in about twelve years, I feel that it has fundamentally changed me, but only in a way that I allowed and only to the extent that the Heavenly Father allowed.

The Urantia Book helps me to:

These are some of the important things that I have learned from the book. It wasn't until I read the book that I realized that I had been pushing too hard, searching for the Kingdom when it was already "at hand". Besides, everywhere I looked someone wanted money, or for me to cut my hair, or for me never to cut my hair again, or believe a doomsday prophesy. Some were even waiting for the trees to come alive and eat us and grind us into dust to fertilize their emerging super intelligence with our remains.

The greatest thing that I have gotten from the Father and The Urantia Book is that there is nothing at all to be afraid of and that God loves all of us very much.