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A Wake-Up Call to the Light!!!

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I was raised in a very strict protestant religion, so, for years I could not understand how God's true followers were so hypocritical and still ok. I continued to reach out for other religions and study their beliefs and various factors.

I received The Urantia Book at a holistic healing expo in Spokane, when a wonderful gentlemean appeared out of nowhere at my booth. I did a demo on him with my new healing machine from Japan and asked him what he was doing there. He briefly explained his book.

But until I went to a vision quest and was told by the medicine woman of the beliefs of the star people and where their beliefs lie in our coming to this planet did it dawn on me how true The Urantia Book is.

I read a lot and when I got the book home my mother and I had to discuss the truth of the book and how it fits with our beliefs. The more I study this truth each day I tend to feel more of a comfort in knowing all my feelings were correct about the bigger picture.

To open the eyes of others is what I find difficult. Sad but true.

Thank you for the Book. And thanks to the man who was passing them out at Wellness Expo booth in June 2006.