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A Story Told, Many Lives Changed

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I was a Commander in the Army going to lunch with my Sergeant Major on December 13, 1997. We happened onto an accident where a guy was killed in an intersection. Afterwards, during lunch, we discussed where the dead man's soul went to after death. At the end of the discussion I was told to "go buy a book" (by a significant voice or thought projection in my head) by what now I figure was an angel. As I had the thousand mile stare, my S.M. asked what was wrong and I told him someone I can't see is telling me to buy a book. My S.M. then took me to a B&Nobles...

A clerk asked me if I knew the name of the book and I replied--"I don't know." He then asked me for the author's name and I again replied with a smile-- "I don't know that either." We both laughed and I asked him if he had a religious section and he took me to a long isle. With the clerk on my left side and my Sergeant Major (both seemed very interested) on my right side, I stood back and scanned the entire long isle of books. At the end of the isle my eyes caught a big white box and the same voice told me "That's it!" I walked up and touched the box and the same voice (inside my head) told me--"Seven times." I took that to mean read it seven times and I now understand fully why I needed to read it 7 times. I asked the clerk the name of the book and he told me--" The Urantia Book." I replied that I never heard of it before and asked him if the book was about God. He stated that people had told him it was, but he had never read it. I bought the book, read it in two months, and have since read it over seven times. Each time I read it, I get more inspiration and revelation.

Right after reading it the first time, I went in for my retirement physical and found out I had tumors that needed surgery. I went in for surgery and did not worry one bit (my wife did). I don't see how anyone could have any fear or worry after reading The Urantia Book. I have a complete different perspective on life and what I have to do to live it now. It is ABSOLUTELY the BEST book on Planet Earth (Urantia).

The several words that were spoken to me on that 1st day have turned into many. I don't belong to any group or go to church, but I try to live each day one-at-a-time and teach my girls the tenants of T.U.B. I often wonder about all the folks I've given "The Big Blue Book" to or told about T.U.B. and how it has changed their lives. It is the best present a person can give to another! If you're interested in CHANGING your current life or situation (or another's) to one that's much better, you can read it for free on-line. I don't go anywhere without mine.