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A Quaker's Story

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Nine generations ago my Quaker ancestors moved to North Carolina. We still reside here and practice the faith of The Religious Society of Friends. A key article of faith is the belief in the presence of "the light" of God in each individual.

Fifteen years ago I was browsing the stacks in the public library and the unusual title of this book seemed to leap out at me. This was my discovery of The Urantia Book. My spiritual life has not been the same since that momentous day.

As I read more I realized that this book was an example of the continuing revelation that we beleive occurs when a Quaker stands to speak in meeting for worship. After reading more, it was clear that this was a major revelation as opposed to minor revelation that can occur at any time, in any place.

The greatest discovery for me about The Urantia Book is the confirmation of the presence of The Universal Father, in the form of the Father Fragment, The Thought Adjuster.

There has always been a feeling, or a kind of knowing associated with the belief in the presence of "the light" for me, but to find an epochal revelation that actually designates and defines that presence was a spiritual gift unequaled by any other.

I read almost every day and still worship as a Quaker. The combination of the two religious practices sooth my soul and help me face the rigors of daily life. I often thank God for the "gift" of The Urantia Book, and always look forward to my next period of reading about truth, beauty, and goodness.

As a Friend, John