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A Phenomenal Perspective

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An Executive Assistant in Colorado.

How did The Urantia Book change my life? I've pondered this question for quite some time now and have really had to delve into the depths of my being to even begin to answer such a profound question. On the surface it may appear as though The Urantia Book hasn't effected my life much at all. I may or may not be better off in a material sense; intellectually I'm certain I've improved. Emotionally I've come to realize depths of awe, wonder, joy, and sorrow, much more fully than before. Physically I've grown through my challenges with what the "world" offers. Yet no where has The Urantia Book changed my life more profoundly than in my spirituality. Since each Epochal Revelation (periodic revelations coming to our planet from beyond) is a spiritual revelation it would not surprise me that this should be the case.

I've grown so much since first picking up The Urantia Book. Initially I read The Life and Teachings of Jesus, because of all the subject matter covered by the book, this interested me the most. I was so touched by what I read that I just had to examine the whole book more thoroughly. While skeptical in the beginning, as I read I found nothing so unreasonable to me I couldn't grasp the possibilities of it all being real. With my first complete reading, from the forward to page 2097, came the full understanding of the meaning of "cosmic citizen." I felt like I had gained this phenomenal perspective of God that could never have been given to me by a mere mortal. This perspective has only increased and grown with time. My sense of wonder and awe for God and His incredible diversity has grown so exponentially that I couldn't even consider reverting to olden belief systems.

Life is still as challenging as ever, in fact, perhaps even more so given these words of the Master to his apostles, "Teach all believers that those who enter the kingdom are not thereby rendered immune to the accidents of time or to the ordinary catastrophes of nature. Believing the gospel will not prevent getting into trouble, but it will insure that you shall be unafraid when trouble does overtake you. If you dare to believe in me and wholeheartedly proceed to follow after me, you shall most certainly by so doing enter upon the sure pathway to trouble. I do not promise to deliver you from the waters of adversity, but I do promise to go with you through all of them." The Urantia Book, Page 1767

To sum up my growth is ongoing day by day. Once the door to cosmic citizenship, to universal understandings, and to Sonship with God is opened, there is only one thing to do, walk through it. On the other side is a beautiful, bright new world, in fact, lots of bright new worlds that, as spiritual beings, we will be traversing on our way toward perfection and Paradise, there to meet the Universal Father, the First Source and Center of all things and beings.