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A Girl Named Fonta

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I just wanted to offer my story, which is a little different then most!

I was born 25 years ago and given the name Fonta. During my childhood I struggled with non-acceptance due to the originality of my name, which comes from the story of Andon and Fonta in The Urantia Book. It was hard for me to deal with other's questions and assumptions about my family's spiritual practices. My dad had imparted much spirituality to me from all portions of the book but I had a hard time reading anything. However, when I look back upon my birth name I now feel blessed. I realize that even though my name caused some pain and angst in my youth it was also a vehicle with which my thirst for spirituality is enhanced and quenched. For example: When asked about the meaning of my name I have often responded with a short explanation of The Urantia Book. This would scare some people away but with others it would incite a full-on spiritual discussion of not only The Urantia Book, but other spiritual paths as well.

Like most other rebellious teenagers I set off to college with ambitious ethics and the unquenchable thirst to find a spiritual path unlike my parents or my catholic grandparents! I dabbled (and still do) in many different paths; Buddhism, Hinduism, even earth based religions such as Wicca. However, with the birth of my first child 2 1/2 years ago I actually felt the spirit of God within me. That is not to say that I didn't feel this before but it was more of a symbolic philosophy then. When I gave birth naturally to my beautiful daughter Lily, I actually felt the door to my soul being thrown open. Through the immeasurable love I felt for her I had a spiritual epiphany! I realized that if I could love this one little spirit this much how much more must my Heavenly Father love me? And as I watch and ponder every new developmental step of my Lily, I wonder how that can be transcended into the watching and nurturing of my Heavenly Father unto all his creatures? For me the sacred journey of parenting has been the direct example to the nature of my Heavenly Father. Through knowing God I have become much more in tune with the divinity within myself, and the ways in which I can magnify unconditional compassion, love and harmony.

Since Lily's birth I have rediscovered The Urantia Book and have done tons of reading in between nursing, naps and playtimes! Everything makes perfect sense to me now! I realize that, through being brought up with these ethics as a child, I am (in a sense) wired with these ethics unknowingly. Even as I struggled to find new ways of expressing myself spiritually through my college years, all the things and ways in which I felt I was going against the grain so to speak, were in actuality spiritual truths that were completely harmonious with The Urantia Book's teachings. I was obviously attracted to these ideas all along because they were in harmony with my own inner ethics!!!

Now, as a parent imparting on my child those ethics underlined in the book I am confident, although she may not realize it, that I am giving her a great gift!!!