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A Cosmic Parenting Manual

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It was the story of the Lucifer rebellion that saved my life.

When I found The Urantia Book in 1974, I was deeply depressed, and didn't want to live here any more. I couldn't understand how to believe in a God that could create such a mess as I saw our world to be. I didn't understand the rules of being human, couldn't understand why people valued things I thought were useless, and why they ignored what was obviously precious. I was in a lot of pain and I just wanted out.

Learning that our planet was screwed up, that we had gone astray, that this wasn't God's plan for us made perfect sense to me, and helped me believe that God hadn't abandoned me.

The second most profound impact the revelation made on the course of my life was learning how Jesus raised his family. The idea that the creator of Nebadon would set aside universe affairs to be a good parent to his father's children made it crystal clear to me that nothing I would ever do in my life was as important as doing right by my children.

My beautiful daughters are grown now and I feel so grateful that I had Jesus' example to light my choices during those long years of motherhood.