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A Blessing In A World Gone Mad

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I am a twenty seven year-old black South African. I am the youngest in a family of six (five brothers and one sister). I was raised in a quiet, religious and political family home, which was reasonably comfortable, in the only way families could be during apartheid in a black township.

However, my family home life was never a bed of roses. As the youngest member of the family I have had my own share of hardship and sorrow. Circumstances had from an early age forced me to grow up too quickly; misguided and confused, I have made mistakes…sometimes very serious mistakes in my life. But I am glad and grateful that God has given me a chance to become a better person before I go to the grave. If there is anything positive about me today, it is all credit to God, no doubt!

I am very concerned about the spiritual and political understandings of my own people too. I am also very attentive to what is happening in the world. The Urantia Book, in my opinion, is a blessing in a world gone mad. It casts a light into the darkness and explains many strange, political, religious and social events. I really appreciate the straight-forward and technical approach it uses to get the truth across.

In my personal research into our worldwide situations, I understand many of the book's conclusions. However, I do not have the knowledge or expertise necessary to understand all of its science, but the spiritual chapters are truly convincing. I've always believed that all that the Bible says is true and sacred. Thanks to The Urantia Book my interest in searching out the truth has been taken to a new level.

I have no problem with the origin of the book because it is not hard for me to perceive the truth as revealed in these papers. Let the Spirit of Truth carry us all into this new millennium and beyond.