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25 Ways The Urantia Book Changed My Life

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The Urantia Book has changed and influenced my life in the following 25 ways:

  1. Confident about what happens to me and loved ones after death;
  2. Firm belief in Jesus as a Son of God;
  3. Firm belief in God the Father;
  4. Unwavering confidence in my future as an ascending spirit;
  5. Uncontainable excitement about the future and all the wonderful experiences that are in store;
  6. Acceptence that a loving Father would not permit a person to tarry on the earth after death (as a 'ghost');
  7. Unending love for and in awe of our Universe, our galaxy, our planet;
  8. Comfort knowing there are spiritual entities who are with us as we begin our journey here on Urantia;
  9. Understanding of earthly misconceptions contained within the Bible;
  10. New respect and love for the Bible;
  11. An understanding that genuine faith is worship of the Father and Christ Michael of Nebadon;
  12. Trust in our Universe and all those who keep it orderly and running smoothly;
  13. Grasp that it's okay to not love the human race as a whole, but to strive to learn to love a human being every day;
  14. A desire to want to become the very best me while I am here on Urantia;
  15. Awe and wonder about Morontia and what it could possibly BE like waking up in the Resurrection Halls;
  16. Understanding basic concepts about how our Universe functions;
  17. An understanding about challenges we face on Urantia as ascending spirits.
  18. A deeper and more honest idea of how to pray and be thankful;
  19. A greater acceptance for and love of the culturally different people around me;
  20. Desire to be kind, patient, and to learn to love through the difficult times;
  21. Knowing that we are NEVER alone;
  22. Understanding that the concepts I don't get here will be addressed in my next morontial form;
  23. Comfort and utter wonder that God the Father resides in each and every one of us;
  24. To accept and honor those with differing beliefs; and
  25. That we are truly loved and protected on Urantia.