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Is the story of the woman taken in adultery in The Urantia Book?

Thanks so much for this note to us here at TruthBook.

The story that you're asking about from the Bible ("The Woman Taken in Adultery") can be found in The Urantia Book HERE.

As you can see, it is very similar, but with many added details. And this is true of so many events from the life of Jesus, when compared with Biblical accounts. This is not to say that the Bible is not valuable - just that The Urantia Book offers us an expanded view of these events so that we can gain a better understanding of the Master's life. There is a wealth of background information given that helps us gain a fuller picture of the way Jesus ministered to people, and how he dealt with those who wanted his destruction.

We have created a feature on our site that we call Great Jesus Stories It consists of many of these stories, and I hope you'll visit there (click on the underlined link) and see how many you can find. Especially in the later years of Jesus' life and ministry, you'll likely find many stories that are familiar to you.

Thanks again for writing. I hope that my reply is helpful to you in your search for Jesus, and for spiritual truth. Please feel free to write back any time!

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