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What does the Urantia book say about witchcraft? What about mind reading?

Thanks for your note to us here at TruthBook about witchcraft and mind- reading.

Please look at the following links to understand Urantia Book teachings about witchcraft and shamanism - both of which were evolutionary scaffolding in man's reach to higher spiritual understanding

Click to read about shamanism and witchcraft in primitive times

Click to read Paper 90 - Shamanism— Medicine Men and Priests

In the begining of that paper, we read this:

"Evolutionary religion is born of a simple and all-powerful fear, the fear which surges through the human mind when confronted with the unknown, the inexplicable, and the incomprehensible. Religion eventually achieves the profoundly simple realization of an all-powerful love, the love which sweeps irresistibly through the human soul when awakened to the conception of the limitless affection of the Universal Father for the sons of the universe. But in between the beginning and the consummation of religious evolution, there intervene the long ages of the shamans, who presume to stand between man and God as intermediaries, interpreters, and intercessors."

Witches, shamans, priests, mind readers... all of these types of supposedly spiritual people are completely unnecessary, once one understands that God dwells WITHIN them, and there is no need for a "middleman" to stand between man and God.

When Jesus was on earth, he gave a talk about "Magic and Superstition." I suggest you read the whole thing, but here is what Jesus said about witchcraft in that talk:

"Divination, sorcery, and witchcraft are superstitions of ignorant minds, as also are the delusions of magic. The belief in magic numbers, omens of good luck, and harbingers of bad luck, is pure and unfounded superstition."

Later on in that paper, Jesus describes these kinds of beliefs as "ignorant and enslaving superstition."

As far as those who appear to be able to read minds - this is one of he oldest tricks in the books to impress people and make them think that you have special knowledge. The only reason I can think of as to why someone would claim to be able to read someone's mind is for them to somehow gain some kind of unfair advantage...

Some say that mind-reading is a skill that can be learned...and this may noy be too far- fetched, simply because we all share the same source of mind. Modern science may be helping us understand how such a thing can happen - and it has nothing to do with demons!.

Finally - there are no demons here on Urantia anymore - at least not the kind that you are talking about - mediums or go-betweens that allow seemingly strange abilities like mind-reading. On the day of Pentecost, all of those rebel personalities were removed from the planet, and none are able to use them for any sordid practices that give one person an advantage over another like that.

Here are a few passages about that:

77:7.7 Even prior to Pentecost no rebel spirit could dominate a normal human mind, and since that day even the weak minds of inferior mortals are free from such possibilities. The supposed casting out of devils since the arrival of the Spirit of Truth has been a matter of confounding a belief in demoniacal possession with hysteria, insanity, and feeble-mindedness. But just because Michael's bestowal has forever liberated all human minds on Urantia from the possibility of demoniacal possession, do not imagine that such was not a reality in former ages.
77:7.8 The entire group of rebel midwayers is at present held prisoner by order of the Most Highs of Edentia. No more do they roam this world on mischief bent. Regardless of the presence of the Thought Adjusters, the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth upon all flesh forever made it impossible for disloyal spirits of any sort or description ever again to invade even the most feeble of human minds. Since the day of Pentecost there never again can be such a thing as demoniacal possession.

All of these mind-bending tricks and practices are throwbacks to ancient times when mankind was trying as best as he could to understand himself and his environment. It was primitive man's way of making some sense out of things like earthquakes, volcanoes, and death. In our modern world, there may be those who still believe in such things, but The Urantia Book is here for us now to help elevate our spiritual searchings and to orient mankind to true reality. I suggest that you continue your study of The Urantia Book, and especially the Life and Teachings of Jesus, so that you wll be able to confidently sift fact from fiction.

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