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Will we have speech abilities in the afterlife?

Q: I just read the "Language vs Telepathy in Eternal Life" question & answer. Tell me, if we are to learn many languages on our ascent, will we speak with lips and tongues, inhale air to create sound and have ears to hear like here on Urantia? I thought we'd be in some sort of spirit form. Thanks,

A: Thanks so much for writing to us at truthbook.com with this question. BTW, that Q/A that you are referring to can be found HERE. As for learning language on the mansion worlds, we read this interesting information:

(47:7.2) Having mastered the local universe language before leaving the fourth mansion world, you now devote more time to the perfection of the tongue of Uversa to the end that you may be proficient in both languages before arriving on Jerusem with residential status. All ascending mortals are bilingual from the system headquarters up to Havona. And then it is only necessary to enlarge the superuniverse vocabulary, still additional enlargement being required for residence on Paradise.

(48:3.12) Interpreters and Translators. During the early mansonia career you will have frequent recourse to the interpreters and the translators. They know and speak all the tongues of a local universe; they are the linguists of the realms.

You will not acquire new languages automatically; you will learn a language over there much as you do down here, and these brilliant beings will be your language teachers. The first study on the mansion worlds will be the tongue of Satania and then the language of Nebadon. And while you are mastering these new tongues, the Morontia Companions will be your efficient interpreters and patient translators. You will never encounter a visitor on any of these worlds but that some one of the Morontia Companions will be able to officiate as interpreter.

I find it interesting that they use the term "tongue" for language...this makes me think that we will actually have tongues with which to speak and with which to process food and drink.


(47:4.6) Though you have morontia bodies, you continue, through all seven of these worlds, to eat, drink, and rest. You partake of the morontia order of food, a kingdom of living energy unknown on the material worlds. Both food and water are fully utilized in the morontia body; there is no residual waste. Pause to consider: Mansonia number one is a very material sphere, presenting the early beginnings of the morontia regime. You are still a near human and not far removed from the limited viewpoints of mortal life, but each world discloses definite progress. From sphere to sphere you grow less material, more intellectual, and slightly more spiritual. The spiritual progress is greatest on the last three of these seven progressive worlds.

(190:0.3) The mortals of the realms will arise in the morning of the resurrection with the same type of transition or morontia body that Jesus had when he arose from the tomb on this Sunday morning. These bodies do not have circulating blood, and such beings do not partake of ordinary material food; nevertheless, these morontia forms are real. When the various believers saw Jesus after his resurrection, they really saw him; they were not the self-deceived victims of visions or hallucinations.

We know that in Jesus' resurrection appearances, he did not eat at the time of his meeting with the apostles, when John Mark fixed the fish. It is hard to say whether he was breathing as humans being breathe. But he did have a recognizable form, complete with the usual visible human parts, we assume, although greatly different from how he was seen while in a fleshly body.

Thanks so much for this interesting question; I hope that my reply has been helpful to you.

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