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Will The Urantia Book help me increase my I.Q?

Q: How will The Urantia Book help me increase my intelligence in all I do, i.e my I.Q?

A: If IQ is a true measure of how well a person uses their mind, then studying The Urantia Book will definitely be beneficial and improve such a score because it requires conscious choosing to use mind in a meaningful manner. If it's not just an improvement in a test score that you're after, studying The Urantia Book will enhance your perceptions by giving you insight you would otherwise be missing into how the things of the world around you interrelate and how the unperceived spirit world pervades reality.

You may be in possession of a great mind – -but if all even a great mind is fed is trivial the mind has very little to work with or to make associations with and life becomes mundane, flat and unrewarding. If your mind is fed the best in human concepts and food for the soul it will be given the nutrition necessary to make meaningful evaluations and insightful connections. Life will become vibrant and filled with enthusiasm.

You may possibly discover material that inspires you as much as The Urantia Book will, but you will not find material that will stimulate your mind in the multitude of ways it does. On a superficial level, just by being consciously aware as you study the book, your English will improve as will your vocabulary and sentence structure. Over time, the perceptions gained through your study infuse all you think and do – -the best in human knowledge is at your fingertips.

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