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Will I go to Heaven?

Personal belief and faith help define the mental personal realities we each live in but in order to be "real" they require a foundation based on the rock solidness of logical, objective reality. Most people give little thought and little introspection to logic or to objective reality, relying more on seat of the pants, what feels good, or just accepting what others believe for themselves. So, for example, while believing or having faith in the Easter Bunny or in Santa Clause may provide comfort for a believer, that doesn't make that belief "real."

Among all the other gifts God has given us, there's one that helps us overcome the tendency toward wishful thinking, helps us discern reality. If we're to make sense of this complicated and confusing life we need to rely on that gift; it's given to us for that purpose, and that gift is a logical mind... a mind that works to make order out of chaos and to sort fact from fiction, to give us real perspective.

Another gift from God is that of God reaching down to help draw us up toward him and one of the ways this is done is through revelation – -knowledge that's outside of evolutionary acquirement, knowledge that's true, beautiful, and good, knowledge that can be relied on.

Most who actually study the teachings of The Urantia Book eventually come to believe that its teachings are logical and grounded and they come to believe that it is what it claims to be, a divine revelation, that what it portrays is "real." So, based on those two beliefs it's not a difficult step to take to accept what The Urantia Book relates about heaven, which is much more complete and detailed than any other teaching one might encounter.

It's my firm conviction, based on years of study of The Urantia Book, which speaks to me in ways nothing else ever has, is that God is good, God loves me, God provides for me, God has a near infinite plan for my spiritual adventure and development, that this life is but the very first rung at the bottom of the ladder to paradise and eternity, and that when I die I do not disappear. Jesus, through his resurrection, made it evident that death is not an end but is just a transition. So yes, I am confident that when I die I will "go to heaven" although what that means entails much more than the common concept of "heaven."

Here is a link to a short piece about whether Heaven is real or not. I hope you'll enjoy it.

But...how about you? Will you go to heaven? Have you checked out our more detailed study called "There is Life After Death" on our home page... http://truthbook.com/index.cfm?linkID=1851 Do you have questions about what it says? Do the videos there give you pause to consider? Has this reply been of any benefit to you?

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