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Why do you only promote Jesus?

Q: Your website is good, but you're promoting only Jesus. Why???

A: Thank you for your note to TruthBook.com and we're pleased you appreciate our website. You asked why are we promoting only Jesus. Our site promotes all the teachings of The Urantia Book and we emphasize especially the teachings of Jesus as they're given in The Urantia Book .

The Urantia Book proclaims itself to be a revelation of truth of epochal, world-wide, significance, the fifth such epochal revelation to have been given to the world. The life and teachings of Jesus constitute the fourth epochal revelation of truth and those teachings are recounted in a separate section of this book (see link) for the purpose of placing his life and teachings in their proper perspective.

Jesus was a real person, living a real life, teaching new revelatory concepts. The message of his life and his teachings has been submerged under the mantle of the Christian religion. Jesus wasn't a Christian – -the example of his life and the focus of his teachings were intended for all humanity, for all religions and even for those without religion. The restatement of Jesus' life and teachings in Part 4 of The Urantia Book is intended to elevate Jesus above the confines of one religion and to make him understandable and available to all, not just from a Christian perspective.

Please spend a bit more time at our site... you'll see that, while we do place some emphasis on Jesus, that we don't promote only Jesus. The historical context of The Urantia Book includes the history of humanity before the time of Adam and Eve, it explains Adam and Eve and the evolution of culture and civilization down to the arrival of Melchizedek, 2000 years before Jesus. It describes the peoples of India, China, Eurasia and how the races mingled, how and why religion is meaningful. It describes the nature of God, the creation of the cosmos, how stars are formed how planets evolve. We have all of this on our site along with spiritual studies, questions and answers, videos, audio clips, discussions, pictures... all focusing on these various aspects of the teachings from this most marvelous of books, this revelation for humanity.

Yes, The Urantia Book does elevate Jesus but it also speaks of Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius, Lao-Tse, and many other historical figures – -speaks of them from a perspective never before encountered. If you have an open and curious mind you'll be confronted with ideas you've never considered before so please feel free to browse.

May I also recommend that if you're not already signed up that you consider subscribing to the Quote of the Day. It's a free service from our site that offers a daily quote from the incomparable teachings of this marvelous book with an audio clip and a beautiful and inspiring image, a great way to start one's day as well as to begin to understand the teachings of the book. The "subscribe" link is underneath the image.

Best wishes, thank you for writing and feel free to do so again at any time.

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