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Why do we still fight wars on Earth?

Q: Why do we still fight wars on Urantia several thousands of years after God revealed himself to humans in the person of Our Saviour Jesus Christ, who brought the message of Love, peace and salvation?

A: Thank you for your excellent question. You're right, Jesus brought the message of love, peace, and salvation to earth two thousand years ago. But another question could be, how many people do you know who feel secure in an eternal life and who are motivated in their daily lives by love and peace? The message is there but it has not yet permeated the minds and souls of the people of this world. It's easy enough to point at all the big problems that lead to war, but the real problem is in the minds and hearts of individuals... there will always be war and rumors of war as long as Jesus' message is not our personal motivator.

There's a study on TruthBook.com under Spiritual Studies titled "War and Peace" which examines what The Urantia Book tells us about peace and about war. Just click on the link...Perhaps it will give you some more insight into why war still exists and will exist far into the future.

For an even more immediate answer to why we still fight wars here on earth, consider this teaching from The Urantia Book:

“War is not man's great and terrible disease; war is a symptom, a result. The real disease is the virus of national sovereignty." Jesus,134:6.7

Are you surprised to see that Jesus taught this? Unbeknownst to the world before The Urantia Book, Jesus gave us a wealth of insight and practical advice about the issues of war and peace, political sovereignty, law, and liberty. He delivered these lectures in the year before he began his public ministry; he did not bring them up in his public ministry, but they have been recorded for the generations that came after him, including ours. Click to read the "Urmia Lectures."

Thanks again for writing to us, and I hope that this reply is helpful to you today...

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