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Why can't our pets join us on our journey to Paradise?

You asked: Why does "God" ordain that our pets cannot join us in the journey to Paradise? This reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode, where the old man and dog were offered a choice to enter "paradise", but the gatekeeper stipulated that the dog stay behind. The gatekeeper turned out to to work for Satan and that his gate led to Hell. I couldn't accept this journey if my pets couldn't come along the way. This is simply unfair, inhumane, and cruel.

Thanks for this note to TruthBook; you are not alone in your reluctance to accept the fact that our pets won't go to heaven with us...

But I have to ask: unfair, inhumane, and cruel to whom? The lot of most animals on earth can be viewed as cruel -- most of them are food for those higher up the food chain. To animal lovers, animals help us to become more human and humane so we cherish them for their gifts and of course want to have those associations once we leave this world. But when we leave here we also leave our baggage behind. Over my life I have had more than a dozen dog and cat pets and been friends with many others. So when I get to heaven do I have all of them crowding around me for attention? Just like the new dog can take a place in your heart after the old dog has died, so too will new and novel animal associations take the place of the old ones once we leave here. Those pets who you've known and loved on earth are absorbed into the Oversoul of creation and their lovable qualities will be recycled for the enjoyment and benefit of many other humans.

Thanks again for writing with your heartfelt question. I hope my answer has given you some small measure of comfort.

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