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Which direction is Paradise from Texas?

Q: Which way points toward paradise from where I live, which is Houston TX?

A: Thanks for your note to TruthBook.com about the direction of Paradise.

You might want to visit this topical study on Paradise on our site for more information. You'll find lots of links on this page, and I think if you study the papers about Paradise and the Central Universe, you may find some clues there, but I don't recall any specifics about which way to look from earth...maybe you can find something.

Even though Paradise is a definite place, and does have a specific location, it seems that its compass direction is of little meaning to the seeking soul.

A better idea may be to strive for the achievement of getting there one day. And to get there, we must fall in love with truth, beauty and goodness, seek God's will, and love one another. Paradise is our eternal destination, and our immortal souls will arrive there regardless of whether we know in which direction it lies. Paradise does not move, but we do, according to our deepest desires.

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