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Which beings in our universe are physical and which are spiritual?

Q: Which beings in our universe are physical and which are spiritual? Were we created by physical beings, and did they appear to early humans?

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The universe of universes is a physical, material creation, and this universe harbors beings that are physical, such as us mortals. There are countless spiritual beings who inhabit this creation as well—beings such as angels, and the beings who authored The Urantia Book. (You can see the list of these beings HERE ) And, there are times when certain spiritual beings take on human physical form, such as Melchizedek, Adam and Eve, and most famously, the bestowal of Jesus to our planet as the babe of Bethlehem.

The primary spiritual being is, of course, God the Father, and the progression of spiritual beings proceeds on down through the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, finally to angels and midwayers, who are the closest to us humans. You can read more about angels HERE

Part I of The Urantia Book deals most prominently with the spirit beings who inhabit God's master universe. Spirit beings who inhabit our local universe are described most prominently in Part II of The Urantia Book.

While we mortals are strictly speaking, physical beings, we have at our core a spirit nucleus which insures that, when our lives are completed on this physical plane, we return to our spiritual source, which is God. We carry within our minds an actual fragment of God which works with us throughout our lives to help us produce a spiritual counterpart of ourselves which is called the soul. The soul is that immortal part of every human that survives the death experience and goes on to evolve into a true spirit being, eventually returning to the source of all Spirit—God the Father on Paradise.

Human beings are physically created through the reproductive process of their parents; however, the spark of life is provided through the agency of the Mother Spirit, and transmitted through the Life Carriers. The following passage from The Urantia Book may help you to understand the role that the Life Carriers play, and also the role that the Mother Spirit plays in the reproduction of human beings:

(36:6.3) Life Carriers can organize the material forms, or physical patterns, of living beings, but the Spirit provides the initial spark of life and bestows the endowment of mind. Even the living forms of experimental life which the Life Carriers organize on their Salvington worlds are always devoid of reproductive powers. When the life formulas and the vital patterns are correctly assembled and properly organized, the presence of a Life Carrier is sufficient to initiate life, but all such living organisms are lacking in two essential attributes—mind endowment and reproductive powers. Animal mind and human mind are gifts of the local universe Mother Spirit, functioning through the seven adjutant mind-spirits, while creature ability to reproduce is the specific and personal impartation of the Universe Spirit to the ancestral life plasm inaugurated by the Life Carriers.

Please go HERE to learn more about the Life Carriers, and HERE to learn more about the Universe Mother Spirit

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