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Where were we before we incarnated on Earth?

Q: Does The Urantia Book address anything about our spiritual lives before we incarnated to Urantia?

A: Thanks so much for this interesting question about whether we have had existence prior to our incarnation as humans on earth.

One thing that The Urantia Book talks quite a lot about is the personality—the personality of God and the personality of man. Our human personalities are bestowals of God—each of us is a unique reflection of a facet of the personality of God. Before this life, we were only a thought in the Father's mind—at least, that is the way I imagine it. We had no previous existence, except in potentiality. All personality resides in the Father, except as he chooses to bestow it upon created beings. And in order for the personality to be bestowed, it has to have a "vehicle" for its manifestation, as in this quote:

"Personality is a unique endowment of original nature whose existence is independent of, and antecedent to, the bestowal of the Thought Adjuster. Nevertheless, the presence of the Adjuster does augment the qualitative manifestation of personality...personality is diverse, original, and exclusive; and the manifestation of personality is further conditioned and qualified by the nature and qualities of the associated energies of a material, mindal, and spiritual nature which constitute the organismal vehicle for personality manifestation." (16:8.3)

Nowhere in The Urantia Book do we learn of human beings having any previous existence; instead we are told that this earth life is our FIRST life, the first of many manifestations of our personality, soul and spirit which will exist throughout eternity

" ...Your short sojourn on Urantia, on this sphere of mortal infancy, is only a single link, the very first in the long chain that is to stretch across universes and through the eternal ages. It is not so much what you learn in this first life; it is the experience of living this life that is important." (39:4.13)

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