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Where was God at the creation?

There has never been a time when God was not present, and in fact, the creation of Heaven and earth were a result of God's will. God has always existed—but, where was he—and where is he now?


11:1.1 Paradise serves many purposes in the administration of the universal realms, but to creature beings it exists primarily as the dwelling place of Deity.

God dwells, has dwelt, and everlastingly will dwell in this same central and eternal abode. We have always found him there and always will. The Universal Father is cosmically focalized, spiritually personalized, and geographically resident at this center of the universe of universes.

106:8.23 As we philosophically conceive of the I AM in past eternity, he is alone, there is none beside him.

106:7.5 No matter how much you may grow in Father comprehension, your mind will always be staggered by the unrevealed infinity of the Father-I AM, the unexplored vastness of which will always remain unfathomable and incomprehensible throughout all the cycles of eternity. No matter how much of God you may attain, there will always remain much more of him, the existence of which you will not even suspect. And we believe that this is just as true on transcendental levels as it is in the domains of finite existence. The quest for God is endless!

The never-beginning and never-ending nature of God is difficult for people to understand, and I do not claim to understand the eternal nature of God. Until we stand in his holy presence, we will all fail of understanding of these concepts of God. But we can rejoice in our faith-grasp of these realities, and that God is actually knowable—and that he knows each of us. The good news is that we are the spirit children of this eternal God, and that we carry within our minds a fragment of his presence to guide us through our lives here on earth, and beyond...

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