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What is the Violet Race?

Thanks so much for your note to us here at TruthBook. Your question is an important one, and knowledge of this violet race is an important fact for us to know. This is just one reason that we need the information contained in The Urantia Book...

Here are some passages from the book about the violet race; as you will see, it is of origin in Adam and Eve, and is not an evolutionary development, as are the other colored races of mankind:

51:3.3 A Planetary Adam and Eve are, in potential, the full gift of physical grace to the mortal races. The chief business of such an imported pair is to multiply and to uplift the children of time. But there is no immediate interbreeding between the people of the garden and those of the world; for many generations Adam and Eve remain biologically segregated from the evolutionary mortals while they build up a strong race of their order. This is the origin of the violet race on the inhabited worlds.
51:4.4 The evolution of six— or of three—colored races, while seeming to deteriorate the original endowment of the red man, provides certain very desirable variations in mortal types and affords an otherwise unattainable expression of diverse human potentials. These modifications are beneficial to the progress of mankind as a whole provided they are subsequently upstepped by the imported Adamic or violet race. On Urantia this usual plan of amalgamation was not extensively carried out, and this failure to execute the plan of race evolution makes it impossible for you to understand very much about the status of these peoples on an average inhabited planet by observing the remnants of these early races on your world.
51:5.6 When this strain of the Material Sons is added to the evolving races of the worlds, a new and greater era of evolutionary progress is initiated. Following this procreative outpouring of imported ability and superevolutionary traits there ensues a succession of rapid strides in civilization and racial development; in one hundred thousand years more progress is made than in a million years of former struggle. In your world, even in the face of the miscarriage of the ordained plans, great progress has been made since the gift to your peoples of Adam’s life plasm.
51:6.5 The continuing existence of the Planetary Adam and Eve, together with the pure-line nucleus of the violet race, imparts that stability of growth to Edenic culture by virtue of which it comes to act upon the civilization of a world with the compelling force of tradition. In these immortal Material Sons and Daughters we encounter the last and the indispensable link connecting God with man, bridging the almost infinite gulf between the eternal Creator and the lowest finite personalities of time. Here is a being of high origin who is physical, material, even a sex creature like Urantia mortals, one who can see and comprehend the invisible Planetary Prince and interpret him to the mortal creatures of the realm, for the Material Sons and Daughters are able to see all of the lower orders of spirit beings; they visualize the Planetary Prince and his entire staff, visible and invisible.

Please read Paper 51 (referenced in the above passages), and please also see this link for more info on the violet race.

So, you can see now what the violet race is; it is the race of celestial beings (Adam and Eve) with whom the evolutionary races of mankind were to mix. Had the plan been carried out as it was designed, all the races of mankind would have received this full endowment of divine life plasm. Our peoples would be far more physically, mentally, and physically improved. As it is, we did receive some of this endowment, but in many respects, we did not receive enough, as is evidenced by certain deficiencies in our makeup, in all of these areas. 

Here's what ultimately happened:
76:4.8 After becoming established in the second garden on the Euphrates, Adam elected to leave behind as much of his life plasm as possible to benefit the world after his death. Accordingly, Eve was made the head of a commission of twelve on race improvement, and before Adam died this commission had selected 1,682 of the highest type of women on Urantia, and these women were impregnated with the Adamic life plasm. Their children all grew up to maturity except 112, so that the world, in this way, was benefited by the addition of 1,570 superior men and women. Though these candidate mothers were selected from all the surrounding tribes and represented most of the races on earth, the majority were chosen from the highest strains of the Nodites, and they constituted the early beginnings of the mighty Andite race. These children were born and reared in the tribal surroundings of their respective mothers.

Thanks so much for this important inquiry. The story of Adam and Eve and the Adamic default ( see Paper 74 and 75) are some of the most amazing stories in all of The Urantia Book. It is history – your history, my history, and the history of our whole planet. Once we understand these events in context, we can see more clearly why we labor so much here; why we still have so much disease and physical problems – and why we can feel so alone. Had Adam and Eve succeeded, not only would we have better health and better mental and spiritual success, but we would still have our Adam and Eve here on the planet; that is what happens when the plan is carried out as it should be. The Garden of Eden would still be a reality, and it would be a holy place of education and spiritual refreshment for the whole world. 

Along with the Lucifer rebellion, the default of Adam and Eve was a severe blow to our world from which we are still recovering.  Nonetheless...:

76:5.7 Misfortune has not, however, been the sole lot of Urantia; this planet has also been the most fortunate in the local universe of Nebadon. Urantians should count it all gain if the blunders of their ancestors and the mistakes of their early world rulers so plunged the planet into such a hopeless state of confusion, all the more confounded by evil and sin, that this very background of darkness should so appeal to Michael of Nebadon that he selected this world as the arena wherein to reveal the loving personality, of the Father in heaven. It is not that Urantia needed a Creator Son to set its tangled affairs in order; it is rather that the evil and sin on Urantia afforded the Creator Son a more striking background against which to reveal the matchless love, mercy, and patience of the Paradise Father.

Thanks again for writing...a good question and an important topic.

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