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What is The Urantia Book? - Question

The Urantia Book may be the most powerful evidence ever that there is intelligent life in the Universe. The Urantia Book boldly claims to be a revelation of truth to our world from the headquarters of the Superuniverse. A revelation in book form, it is intended to help guide humankind into the next era of evolutionary progress. The Urantia Book provides a deeper appreciation and understanding of our own planetary family, as well as of our place in the cosmic family of freewill intelligent beings. It reveals as never before an infinite circle of creation, at the center of which reigns our beneficent and loving Creator.

In addition, The Urantia Book presents anew the Life and Teachings of Jesus, and reveals our beloved redeemer as the pivotal connection to us as mortal universe citizens. This restated and detailed elaboration of the life of Jesus is a vital element of the revelation of The Urantia Book. Jesus—Son of God and son of man—was, and still is, our closest approach to God.

The Urantia Book boldly states:

Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it. (196:1.3)

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